Event Time: 24 / Event Location: Rome

Though Hallowe’en may not be a traditional Roman holiday, fear not, you can still get your fair share of scare in the Eternal City; finding the places may be a bit of a trick, but the reward will be quite the treat.

As an ancient city, Rome has some authentically scary sites to check out. For a bone-chilling excursion visit Via Veneto’s Capuchin crypt, constructed from the bones of 4,000 monks. The catacombs on Via Appia Antica, the Jewish catacombs on Via Torlonia, and the Vatican Necropolis, where St Peter and other popes are buried, are all outings to die for.

Say your prayers before going to the Museum of Purgatory in Sacra Cuore Suffragio near Castel S. Angelo where artefacts thought to be touched by tormented souls reside. Gape at the open-mouthed door of the Monster House on Via Gregoriana near the Spanish Steps, and if you are a maniac for monsters, take a day trip to Bomarzo, near Viterbo, and stroll through the scary statues of the town’s Monster Park.